About Operawala

Operawala (Oscar Dom Victor Castellino 2011-present) is a guy you may encounter selling opera in India. (Read: About Oscar) He is your average man, enjoys the simple things in life, especially chai. (Read: What does wala mean?) There is a certain energy, however, that sets him apart. Seeds of this energy have been set in our culture through the ages. Operawala knew not about the potential of the human body until he had a chance meeting with a guru in 2011. It was then that he discovered the power of the human voice. Having no money, with sheer will power and good fortune he travelled the world: Germany, Austria, London and Rome to study about the human voice and the wonders of music.

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Back in India his travels have been most enchanting. People have reacted in a very interesting way to what he has to offer. He has met other individuals who do amazing things and he is keen to discover more. He may be coming to your town soon, so watch this space … or … just .. keep your ears open!